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9 January 2010  

Kinoshita Yukina ‘Honeymoons’ in Guam

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Kinoshita Yukina ‘Honeymoons’ in Guam
Japanese drama Mr. Brain actress Kinoshita Yukina has admitted to a relationship! On Thursday night at 7:50pm, the 22 year old actress and her comedian boyfriend Fujimoto Toshifumi from the group Fijiwara, appeared together at Tokyo’s Narita Airport. After spending New Years vacationing in Guam, the two did not try to conceal their relationship upon their return to Japan. They graciously allowed reporters to take their photos, unlike Amuro Namie and Tamura Atsushi who chose to enter the country separately. When asked how their vacation was? Kinoshita said she spent her time swimming with her boyfriend. She was so happy she felt like a princess. As for when they’ll get married? Fujimoto, who is 39, said: “That’s a secret.” Kinoshita was back at work yesterday, appearing at Coach’s Shibuya store for a special one-day stint as the store manager. When reporters asked how her relationship was going? Kinoshita smiled sweetly and said: “Really well!” For her to so willingly acknowledge the relationship, perhaps a wedding might not be far off in the works.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: sparkles_n15 @

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    Posted on 9 . 01 . 2010 at 8:59 am
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